The Pass'âge of the Adventurous

Published on 2014-04-04 17:00:00.

Discover the Pass’Age of the Adventurous, the new space dedicated to 6-12 year-olds that completely Wowwww!

Your children will beg you not to leave the Pass’Age of the Adventurous as they experience incredible, fun moments, punctuated with surprising discoveries. Its three exhibitions and acrobatic course will take them on a fascinating adventure through three themes tackled on each each of the three exhibition platforms. You won't be leaving any time soon!

Three exhibitions

  • What's not to invent! : an introduction to innovation through games based on researchers and their astonishing inventions.
  • Sport: an invitation to break a sweat discovering the sciences and technologies, and also the debates in society that hide behind sport.
  • Materi'oh: a journey through time, objects, materials and their properties.

An acrobatic course to stimulate the senses

This is a first in Belgium, the integration of an acrobatic course into a museum exhibit! And it's at the Pass that your children will be able to fly from one wall to another on a zip-wire, overcome obstacles that stand in their, gripping onto rope bridges or even shooting from one to another on slides. Put on your trainers!

This indoor acrobatic course is extends over several dozen metres in height and has two objectives:

  • This indoor acrobatic course is extends over several dozen metres in height and has two objectives:
  • To help children discover the exhibitions in an even more active and entertaining way: learning while having fun.

This course has been approved by a certified body and its use is subject to very strict  safety standards.

Parents, adults, why not come and face the challenges as well, and learn loads of amazing things in these 3 new spaces.

Of course, the other exhibitions at the Pass are also available. It'll be fun-packed day for the whole family, for a unique rate that also offers you a planned activity on the programme of the day.

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