Chemistry and life sciences Lab'Expo

Published on 2017-09-22 08:00:00.

Chemistry? Come and experience it!

The Chemistry and Life Sciences Lab’Expo opens its doors to the public for experiments and fun discoveries which will make you love this unsung yet pervasive science.

Visuel Lab'expo

Chemistry is everywhere around us, both in nature and in man-made products. It is used in producing our clothing, our cosmetic products, our medicine and even in our stomach during digestion.

Chemistry is part of our everyday lives!

However, its theories and notions can often seem complicated and sometimes controversial. What if we could master them?

The Chemistry and Life Sciences Lab'Expo offers games, experiments and discoveries, so you can learn and have fun at the same time!

In the centre, there is a laboratory where presenters will welcome you at scheduled times to enjoy new experiences with your family. Here, you will learn to produce food flavours.

Around the lab, there is a space where you can play independently with chemistry and learn a heap of new things!

The Chemistry and Life Sciences Lab’Expo offers you the possibility of discovering 4 themes:

  •  A world of molecules

Atoms? Molecules? Chemical bonds and reactions? These are not swear words! Experience the chemistry through your senses, play with it in the kitchen, in the bathroom or even in space and discover the Mendeleev table again.


  •  Bacteria, microbes and company

Our body is teeming with life: 100 000 billion microbes! Both good and bad...Games and teddy bears to tame and capture them. Discover how beer, yoghurt, cheese and detergents are all made from micro-organisms, because of their ... chemical reaction.


  • Off to the future!

Let’s discover surprising and promising innovations - from foam to boost our sports shoes, biodegradable plastic packaging, traps for acarids, painting which decontaminates our interiors or a solar-powered plane travelling around the world - the future is happening right before our eyes!

  • Chemist-to-be

Expert in clinical studies? Researcher in biopharmaceuticals? Plastic process technician? Quality manager? Which one of these jobs suits you? Do the test!

The Chemical and Life Sciences Lab’expo is a collaboration of PASS and essenscia wallonie. It is supported financially by Co-Valent, the educational fund of the sector and the companies - Solvay, Total, BASF and GSK.