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The Pass offers educational programs for all ages designed to convey the pleasure of understanding science.
An innovative resource to support teachers and their students.

Animation Robots

As a place of questions, active discovery and experimentation, the Pass helps and motivates all students to discover science and technology, opening their minds to a vast range of cultural possibilities. The exhibitions and events combine an educational approach with fun experiments to arouse students' curiosity, stimulate questions and encourage them to learn more and develop their critical faculties. The themes covered vary widely: from the human body to genetics, from the ecosystem of the spoil heap to the region's social history, from television to programming a robot, from objects to the materials they are made from... the aim is to see daily life from another perspective, through the prism of a scientific, technical and humanist culture.

Programs adapted to students' ages and the aims of their teachers
The educational team has designed visit programs suitable for all educational levels. Each program offers activities led by a guide combined with opportunities for more independent discovery with the help of engaging educational tools.

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