I am... a family / an individual

The Pass is the ideal destination for a day of family fun.
Interactive exhibits, activities for all ages, a film projected in the Palace of images and a 28ha park topped by a spoil heap are all waiting for you... !


Exhibition My body, my health Read more

My Body, my health

How well do we know our bodies? We sometimes say that health is the...
Exhibition Genes and ethics Read more

Genetics, life decoded?

GMOs on our plates? Death Row inmates proved innocent by their DNA?...
Exhibition H20 (on the thema of the water), detail Read more

H2O! The exhibition

An interactive exhibition that gets to the heart of the water...

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activities for families

As part of your visit of the exhibitions, take part in the various activities for all ages.


Exhibition H20 (on the thema of the water)


L'eau est notre patrimoine commun. Y accéder est un droit, la...


Playground Read more

The playground

The playground is located right at the heart of the Pass, just beside...
overview of the slag heap (terril) Read more

The Terril (slag heap)

Explore an exceptional ecosystem.Bring good walking shoes, appropriate...
The biodiversity observatory Read more

Biodiversity observatory

Behind the term “biodiversity” lies every form of life present on...

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