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To move around the Pass’Age of the Adventurous in an original way, here's Acro'Bat! : An adventure playground on 3 levels for visitors in search of thrilling sensations....

In a group - With school - As a family

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activities for families

As part of your visit of the exhibitions, take part in the various activities laid on throughout the day by the activity organisers. All the family can join in! Check the times on the Pass'erelle and Cafeteria screens. You can also look them up on your smartphone using the QR code....

As a family

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The biodiversity observatory

Biodiversity observatory

Behind the term “biodiversity” lies every form of life present on Earth and a huge genetic legacy.From microscopic algae to trees, and bacteria to mammals, years of evolution have built up this rich diversity, with each component playing its part in the balance of our ecosystems....

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crawl or climb


Guided by endearing and mischievous monsters, the Loustics, children find out all about animals and their habitats. A psychomotor development trail for children to discover with their own bodies how animals live, and learn loads about their environments, diets and senses along the way....

As a family

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Does the future have a future?” Show in the Palace of images

Does the future have a future? The film

Enter the cube. And let yourself be transported...Imagine that you are sitting in the dark in a cube-shaped room. Suddenly, you are immersed in a series of sumptuous images 12 metres (40 feet) high, projected on the walls to either side, the floor, the ceiling and the wall in front of you. Add to this the impact of the multi-dimensional sound produced by 18 loudspeakers....

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Exhibition Genes and ethics

Genetics, life decoded?

The first part of this exhibition takes us right to the heart of the cell in order to understand the building-blocks of genetics better....

As a family - In a group

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Exhibition H20 (on the thema of the water)

H2O! The exhibition

The approach is strongly interactive and echoes the film's crucial subject of access to safe drinking water. It sheds new light on the main issues resulting from the problem of access to water today, from the natural water cycle to the supply and management of existing resources.

As a family - In a group - With school

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H20, show in the Palace of images

H2O! The film

This second film produced by the Pass and by La PARTI production will give a yet more profound meaning to the word 'immersion': thanks to the 5D projection in the cubic theater, the audience is totally immersed in the film, all the more so in the stunning sequences of aquatic life filmed using the most advanced technologies....

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It's never too soon to explore the world! By playing with shadows and lights in this poetic exhibition, children take their first steps in the world of science without even realising it! Why do some materials allow light to pass through them while others don't? How is it that when I mix green, red and blue I get white light? Danser, dessiner, jouer avec la lumière : autant d'expériences pour...

As a family - In a group - With school

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Exhibition Matéri'oh!


Objects and materials made to measure...A plastic bucket, a glass bottle, a wooden toy, copper cables, a microfibre t-shirt, an aluminium drink can... Natural or synthetic, materials permeate our daily lives. They make up the objects of our world, and are essential for even the most ordinary tasks we perform; they are omnipresent.And yet we no longer pay them any attention....

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