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Mister Machine

Can we compare the human eye to a camera? Can human feelings be replicated? Would you adopt a robot?
The exhibition "MR MACHINE" sets you a series of fun challenges to explore the increasingly blurred boundaries between the incredible skills of man and those possessed by new technology.


When you look at it up close, the human body is a very well-oiled machine, designed to perceive, analyse and act in the most suitable way possible!

It's no surprise that researchers try to replicate these abilities, also studying the skills of animals, in order to develop new technology and create ever more efficient machines!

Sight, hearing, your sense of smell; the brain and its ability to memorize, learn and communicate; the incredible dexterity of your hands and the coordination of movements: today, many human and animal faculties are found in machines. But might these robots and other new technologies one day be able to imagine, create and have feelings themselves? The debate is on at the "Mr Machine" exhibition!

Through some fifteen fun challenges and experiments, test your abilities, find out about the resources you never knew you had and discover what new technology has to offer and the questions it poses for mankind.